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Aroha Golf Course By K11

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Aroha Golf Course By K11 Empty Aroha Golf Course By K11

Post by Kevin G. Thu 25 Oct 2018 - 2:27

Hello CCC folks,

Not much in the way of course discussions going on in this forum as of late.

I would like to start one.

A few days ago, a fellow CCC member told me about a course he just downloaded/installed and was having a hard time with it.  He didn't like it very much.

I asked for the course name and checked my spreadsheet for Aroha by K11.  I didn't' have the course which is rather odd, I have lots of courses . . .

I went to PGLS to get the course and downloaded it.

First off: by no means am I degrading this Designer or his work, I am simply not a fan of his courses.  I have only deleted two courses ever for this game: Prison Putt and Xanax Borealis . . . both by K11.  Not so fond of Karen either.

I was pleasantly surprised by this course.

It is a typical "Tropical Island/Ocean" course.  Various Palms and Ferns are the predominant foliage on this course.  Could use some color from flowers for a better visual impact.  There are Cabanas, colorful 'Tusks(?)" planted about the course, flowing animated water and various benches and the like.

The fairways tend to run on the narrow side, but still afford good landing choices to get the job done.  The Fairways do have some roll and character to them, nothing severe.  Almost all of the Fairways have some amount of Dogleg to them, if not outright Doglegs that are quite workable.  No Pot Bunkers here (I hate Pot Bunkers) and the Bunkers are mostly trimmed back to afford a decent out.  Nice touch with the Bunkers . . .

The Greens do have some slope and break, again: nothing severe.  The Greens are fairly generous and with the Medium Pin placement: afforded a decent shot at a good putt.

The frame rates during the game are very nice as well.  With my video setup (2 OC'd Asus GTX770 Direct CU's in SLI in an Asus X58 mobo) I was getting in the low 60's.  Sweet!

The Seagulls squawking gets a bit much, but all one needs to do is to turn down the game sounds in PNPG and good to go. 

Even though I was leery of this course to start with, this one is a keeper in my book. 

What are your thoughts on this course? 

Do you have a favorite course or Designer?  If so, what is your favorite course and why? 

I (for example) am rather fond of "Fall Colored" courses.  I will overlook a small flaw in game play if I like the way the course looks.  Visual immersion into the game is part of the equation for an enjoyable expierance playing the game.  

Again, I am not trying to start a Ford v.s. Chevy thing . . . trying to kick start this forum a bit.

What say ye?  Speak up!

Kevin G.

"I Do What The Voices In My Golf Bag Tell Me To Do"
Kevin G.
Kevin G.

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